Dimensions75 cm x 50 cm
Materials Print, signed edition of 25

For most of my career I have done finished drawings in preparation for making my sculptures. I have never done a drawing or an edition of prints as the end product. When the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020 hit and all exhibitions were canceled, Aaron Schey began proposing out of the box projects to some of the Habatat Gallery artists; Knowing that I did these developed preparation drawings he proposed that I do an edition of prints on paper.

This print edition is about the Italian artist Giorgio Morandi. Previously I have done two projects about him. Three still life sculptures based on Morandi’s etchings and a more developed documentary sculpture based on his life and work. The drawing for this print focuses on his use of bottles and bowls as a revolving cast of characters that appear and reappear in different configurations in his still life paintings throughout his entire career.