In this Place Lies the Heart (Leonardo Da Vinci)

Dimensions240 cm x 360 cm x 24 cm
Materials Sandblasted glass and bronze
Collection Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA

Leonardo Da Vinci one of the greatest minds in the history of mankind was responsible for the creation of much of the scientific and engineering development of his time. Besides bing a painter of masterpieces he saw into the future and much of what he envisioned eventually became reality.

In this sculpture I wanted to recognize his greatness and thus replaced his likeness into the figure of the Arch Angel Gabriel from his painting “Annunciation”. Arch angels of which there are three, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael are the chief angels and are therefore lowest to God. He is looking down on us with his benevolence and contemplating one of his inventions, a flying machine.which would move one to the heavens and thus closer to God. In his design he describes the positioning of the operator of the flying machine by writing “In this place lies the heart”.