Broke Down on the Road to Cheyenne

Dimensions150 cm x 160 cm x 120 cm
Materials Bronze, wood, and real objects
Collection Galleria Shopping Center, Ft Worth, TX

A saddle bronc rider has a flat tire in his 20 year old Cadillac on his way to the next show in Chey-enne Wyoming. I used this 1956 Cadillac because it was for many years my dream car. It has since been replaced in my mind by the Citroen Traction Avant produced between 1934 and 1957. But I digress. Inside the trunk of the car is all the gear of the rider reproduced in bronze and wood. There is a saddle bronc rider on the Wyoming license plate and the department of motor vehicles of the state of Wyoming was nice enough to make a special plate expressly for the sculpture with all 0’s as the number. It also took me any months to track down a real rear bumper to add authenticity to the size and shape of the car. Also part of the series along with “6 Days on the Road” and “Blue Plate Special”.